Megger MOM690A 内置测试控制的微欧表


  •   易于使用
  •   自动量程设置
  •   MOM Win电脑软件

有了可选的MOM Win™软件用戶也可以导出测试结果至电脑作进一步分析和报告。量程自动设置,连续测量电阻,在一个预设的测试电流可自动捕捉测试结果。

Complete with:
Cable set standard GA-05055
Ground cable GA-00200
Transport case GD-00182
115 V Mains voltage BB-41190
230 V Mains voltage BB-42390
PC Software MOMWin
Incl. serial cable for RS-232 port BB-8010X
Cable set 15 m (49 ft)
2 x 15 m (49 ft), 95 mm2 (current cables)
2 x 15 m (49 ft), 2.5 mm2 (sensing cables)
Weight: 29.4 kg (64.8 lbs) GA-09155
Cable extension sets
Since all current cables have bayonet connectors, standard cables can be easily prolonged with 5- or 10-metre extension sets if so desired. In situations requiring high currents and long cable lengths, heavier cable sets may be necessary however.
Extension cable set No. 1
2 x 5 m (16 ft), 50 mm2 (current cables).
2 x 10 m (33 ft), 2.5 mm2 (sensing cables).
Weight: 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs) GA-05057
Extension cable set No. 2
2 x 10 m (33 ft), 50 mm2 (current cables).
2 x 15 m (49 ft), 2.5 mm2 (sensing cables).
Weight: 15 kg (33 lbs) GA-05107
Calibration shunt
An optional calibration shunt (600 A/60 mV) can be ordered for MOM690, that enables you to make certain that the instrument readings remain correct. BB-90024
Transport case XL
With space for the standard 5 m cable set + extension cable set No. 1 or No. 2. GD-00042